Saints Peter and Paul; June 29, 2014 (David Burman)


Corpus Christi Sunday; June 22, 2014 (Seth Reese)


Lent II; March 16, 2014 ( Mtr. Greta Getlein)


Lent I; March 9, 2014 (Fr. Matthew Larson)


Ash Wednesday; March 5, 2014 (Mtr. Greta Getlein)


Last Epiphany; March 2, 2014 (Fr. Matthew Larson)


Epiphany 5A; February 9, 2014 (Fr David Cobb)


Advent II; December 8, 2013 (Mtr Greta Getlein)


Advent II; December 8, 2013 (David Burman)



(A full list of our past sermons is available on Google Drive)


Proper 29C; November 24, 2013 (The Revd Greta Getlein)


Proper 28C; November 17, 2013 (The Revd Deacon Elizabeth Blunt)


A Sermon Preached at Berkeley Divinity School (Nov 14, 2013; Fr David Cobb)


All Saints' Sunday; November 3, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)

All Saints' Sunday; November 3, 2013 (Fr Matthew Larsen)


All Saints' Friday; November 1, 2013 (Mac Stewart)


Proper 25C; October 27, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


Proper 24C; October 20, 2013 (Fr Matthew Larsen)


Proper 23C; October 13, 2013 (Mac Stewart - Ascension House resident)


The Feast of St Michael and All Angels; September 29, 2013 (Fr Joseph Britton)


A Sermon preached at Berkeley Divinity School (Sep. 12,2013 by Fr David Cobb)

Proper 17C; September 1, 2013 (Fr David Cobb) 


Proper 16C; August 25, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


Proper 12C; July 28, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


Proper 11C; July 21, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


Proper 9C; July 7, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


Trinity Sunday; May 26, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


The Seventh Sunday of Easter; May 12, 2013 (Fr Robert Hendrickson)


 The Sixth Sunday of Easter; May 5, 2013 (Fr David Cobb)


The Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 6, 2012 (Revd Andrew McGowan)


A Sermon for the Ordination of Stephen Holton to the Sacred Order of Priests, Saturday December 10, 2011 (Fr David Cobb)

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, July 10, 2011 (Revd Deacon Stephen Holton)