And that I may go unto the altar of God, even unto the God of my joy and gladness… (Psalm 43:4)

Stewardship Campaign 2019

When we approach the altar we offer ourselves and all that we have to God—that God may take what we offer and transform it, giving it back for the work of healing and reconciliation.

Each year we ask parishioners and friends to consider what they will offer to God to support the ministry of Christ Church in New Haven and across the world; responding in thanksgiving, we make a pledge—a promise to give each week throughout the year—of what God has first given us.

Though circumstances may change, our offering is a spiritual commitment to participate with all that we are, even our financial gifts, in God’s work of reconciliation. Our offerings of money, of our time, of our prayers, are all parts of how we help show people the love of Jesus in this place.

How much is enough? When Abram gave thanks for God’s saving work in restoring his family and property, he gave a tenth of all he had—a tithe—to God. The biblical standard for giving is a tithe, or 10%, and we individually interpret what that means for their own lives. Many of us are working towards a tithe.

But the important thing is that we all give. The work of the kingdom of God is shared by all of us, and every amount moves us individually and collectively towards a realization of the love and grace God has for us.

Please pray about how you can support this ministry of healing and reconciliation here at Christ Church. Pray about what you can give to God from the riches he has given you.

And when you’re ready, click here and make a pledge for 2019.

Thank you for your faithfulness here at Christ Church.