Christ Church is a parish of the Episcopal Church in the worldwide Anglican Communion, located right in the urban heart of downtown New Haven adjacent to Yale University and the city's lively arts district. As a congregation dedicated to God's mission in Jesus Christ, we seek to show that a commitment to liturgical worship can go hand in hand with a commitment to active service in the world. We seek to show that a call to daily prayer can go hand in hand with a call to daily action. We seek to show that tradition points us forward to new ways of doing old things, as well as grounding us in the shared history of the Church through which we are connected to the Apostles and to Christ himself. 


We warmly invite you to join us in worship, whether weekday prayer or a Sunday Mass. We also invite you to the service ministries in which we share, including the Community Soup Kitchen and Saint Hilda's House. Whatever form it might take, all are welcome as we seek to live the life to which Christ has called us.