Senior Warden Don Smith

Fr. Cobb & Fr. Kenneth Thomas


Fr. Robert Hendrickson  

Mtr. Greta Getlein &
Seminarian Intern Blake Sawicky 


 Master of Acolytes Barry McMurtrey

Prayer after Communion

Almighty and everliving God,
we most heartily thank thee 
for that thou dost feed us,
in these holy mysteries, 
with the spiritual food of the most precious
Body and Blood of thy Son
our Savior Jesus Christ;
and dost assure us thereby
of thy favor and goodness toward us;
and that we are very members incorporate
in the mystical body of thy Son,
the blessed company of all faithful people;
and are also heirs, through hope,
of thy everlasting kingdom.
And we humbly beseech thee,
O heavenly Father,
so to assist us with thy grace,
that we may continue in that holy fellowship,
and do all such good works
as thou hast prepared for us to walk in;
through Jesus Christ our Lord,
to whom, with thee and the Holy Ghost,
be all honor and glory,
world without end. Amen.  
(The Book of Common Prayer)



Parish Clergy
The Very Revd Dr. Joseph Britton - Interim Rector
The Revd Greta Getlein - Pastoral Associate
The Revd Matthew Larsen - Part-time Curate
The Revd Deacon Elizabeth Blunt - Transitional Deacon and Seminarian Intern
The Revd Kent Smith, The Revd Robert Deming, The Revd Kenneth D. Thomas, The Revd Andrew Osmun, Priest Affiliates
Prof. Thomas M. Murray - Artist in Residence & Principal Organist
Dr. Nathaniel Adam — Choirmaster
Robert Bennesh — Organ Scholar
Sacristan: William Warfel 
Master of Acolytes: Barry McMurtrey
Sexton: Ben Schober
Bookkeeper: Susan Koris
Parish Administrator:
David Burman (Monday 1:30-5; Tuesday-Thursday 9 to 5) 
Saint Hilda's House
Program Director: Seth Reese
Senior WardenDonald M. Smith
Parish Warden: Peter Crumlish
Senior Warden Emeritus: Ara Baltayan
Class of 2015: Andrew Kraebel, Angharad Rebholz, Curtis Patton, Angus Trumble 
Class of 2016: Robert Nelson, Karen Johnson, Barry McMurtrey
Class of 2017: Christy Chandler, Kimberly Healy, Hank Powell, Nancy Horn
Ara Baltayan, Senior Warden Emeritus


Morning Prayer Officiants 
Monday: William Warfel
Tuesday: Stephen Young
Wednesday: Fr. Matthew Larsen
Thursday: Saint Hilda's House Intern
Friday: Barry McMurtrey
Saturday: Don Smith






Fr. Robert Deming & Fr. Kent Smith
with vestry members Rob Nowie & Margaret Smith