O God, who dost manifest in thy servants the signs of thy presence:
Send forth upon us the Spirit of love, that in companionship with one another
thine abounding grace may increase among us;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  


(The Book of Common Prayer) 

Things To Do Around Christ Church


Wondering how you can become more active at Christ Church?  There are many outreach projects that are well-advertised, but just as important are the day to day activities that make our liturgy possible, that keep our grounds in good repair, that keep our space clean and easy to manage, and that make it possible for us to be a church with wide open hearts and doors. 

 Here are some ways you can get involved

The Acolyte Corps contact Barry McMurtrey 

Come on, haven’t you always wanted to swing the thurible?  Join this group of volunteers that assist with all services at Christ Church.  There are opportunities to serve at both daily and Sunday Mass; daily morning prayer; and evening prayer.  We especially need servers at the Sunday 9am service.  No prior experience is required –we will train you! 

Lay Readers

contact Bill Warfel for 9 am service or Barry McMurtrey for 11 am service 

Do you have a strong voice?  Do you like to read out loud?  Join this group of people who serve on a rota to read the first lesson at Sunday services.  We especially would like to increase the number of lay readers at the 9am service. 

Compline Outreach  contact Mtr Greta Getlein

On Sunday nights during the academic year the Christ Church choir sings the short evening service of Compline in our candle-lit church.  This beautiful ancient liturgy provides a prayerful end to the weekend and a peaceful start to the coming week.  If you are available Sunday evenings between 8 and 10, come give a hand with candles, incense, and greeting.  It would be great if we had some help with cider hospitality (even if you could just bring cider on Sunday). 

Coffee Hour  contact Chris McDaniel 

One of our most important ministries is time with one another in fellowship.  The coffee hour after the 11am Mass provides such a time.  We always have coffee and tea; we even have someone who sets that part up every week.  What we need are people to sign up for one Sunday a year to bring food and/or to help with set up or clean up.  Look for the sign-up sheet in the parish hall or talk to Chris.  Nothing elaborate is required – we’ll eat anything.  Really. 

The Garden Society  contact Chris McDaniel 

You may have noticed a lot of changes in our gardens this past summer.  Thanks to Chris and his group of gardeners our memorial garden and “space out front” has never looked better.  Join this fun group for the occasional Saturday work day.  There are also some ongoing projects that could use a champion:  keep the porch planters filled with seasonal flowers; keep the plants in the parish hall on this side of heaven; general clean up of leaves, pine cones and pine needles; weeding, weeding, weeding; watering, watering, watering; care for the lawns.  Talk to Chris or just stop by and dig in! 

Community Outreach contact Mtr Greta Getlein 

Bring food to support the food pantries of New Haven; sign up to help with the monthly Midnight Run; bring sandwich makings for the Midnight Run; volunteer at the Soup Kitchen; participate in the walk-a-thons; most importantly, stay tuned to the e-pistle and weekly announcements to learn how you can help.  

Give a Ride to Church  contact Karen Johnson 

We have several parishioners, old and young, who need a ride to church and church events.  If you are willing to provide a ride on occasion, please contact Karen. 

20s/30s Group  contact Laura Miles

Join this diverse group to participate in service and fellowship opportunities.  Things to look forward to are the annual greening of the church for Advent and the rummage sale. 

Ushers  contact Rob Nowie

The first person that most people meet when they walk in our doors is the usher.  Ready to hand out programs, explain the service, show the way to the nursery or bathroom, the usher leaves a lasting impression on newcomers and old-timers alike.  Join this group to provide this very important ministry of hospitality.  No experience required, just a willingness to arrive to the service early with a smile and a ready hand.  We especially could use a few more ushers for the 9am and 8am services. 

The Parish Choir contact Noah Horn

If you can carry a tune and a folder you can sing in the parish choir!  This choir provides service music several times a semester giving the professional choir a much needed Sunday off.  Make a joyful noise! 

Care of Altar Linens contact Bill Warfel

This important ministry involves washing and ironing the linens used for Mass.  It’s easy and a great opportunity to learn to pray while ironing!  Join this rota of servers and get scheduled to pick up linens after Mass one Sunday and return them the next.  We could also use some help cleaning some of our older vestments (cassocks, cottas, surplices, albs, etc.) 

The Flower Guild  contact Maggie Powell

We often receive donations for flowers for the altar, Lady Chapel or shrine; in addition we like having flowers in sight for major feast days, etc.  This ministry involves picking up the flowers at Perrotti’s, bringing them to the church, and arranging them for the sanctuary.  It’s a lot of fun and brings so much beauty to our space. 

If you have a flower garden and are willing to share you flowers, or if you just want to do this, you may take on the task of keeping fresh flowers at the Mary Shrine. 

Groundskeeping  contact Chris McDaniel 

It doesn’t take long for trash and other detritus to pile up around our beautiful campus.  Our sexton, Wilbur is out there on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to pick up some of it (though it builds right up again!).  We could use someone or someones to stop by on the other days of the week to walk around the grounds and do some general clean up.  If you live or work nearby won’t you consider taking this on?  If we keep at it, it will only take a few minutes per day.   

With winter coming upon us, it’s time to think about snow and how to get rid of it.  We have a snow crew that shovels us out, but they are generally not able to be here on Sunday mornings until well after the 8am service.  If you can help shovel early Sunday morning talk to Chris or to Fr Cobb. 

We also have a couple of one-time projects if you are so inclined.  We need someone to paint the outside railings, and to varnish the door and repair the cement steps at the east end (newly uncovered by the great work of the gardening society!).  If these are skills you have, we’d love to have you. 

General Office Help  contact the parish office 

While we have a part-time administrative assistant there is often more to do than can be done in the time allotted.  If you can help with the occasional mailing, answer phones on Fridays or vacation days, or provide general office support, tell us who you are so when can contact you as the need arises. 

We also have a dedicated band of money counters who come in weekly to tally up and deposit the generous donations that come in at services and throughout the week.  If you would like to join this group and serve once a month or so, please contact the office. 

Publicity  contact Fr Cobb 

We have so many ideas but need some help implementing them.  Things under consideration: welcome brochures to be sent to folks who’ve just moved into the area; general brochures to keep in the back of the church and in local businesses; compile a mailing list of friends and alums of Christ Church; brochure the neighborhood at the change of liturgical seasons; and more.  If you are of a mind to help with brochure design and implementation, please contact Fr Cobb. 

 Church School   contact Mtr Getlein or Fr Cobb

Are you interested in teaching or caring for the next generation of church goers?  We have opportunities to assist with learning activities for children.  We are especially keen to initiate a story time type program at 10am to run concurrent with the adult forum.  If this is your thing, we want to hear from you.  In addition, we could use some adult volunteers to supplement our paid nursery staff (of one) on Sunday mornings.  If you can provide this great service one Sunday per quarter, please let us know. 

Parish Hall Upkeep   contact the parish office 

Although we have a wonderful sexton, he is only here part-time and our building is used full-time!  If you are so inclined to take on a particular area of the parish hall to monitor for cleanliness, small repairs, etc. please contact us.  Areas up for grabs include: the bathrooms in the main hall; the small bathroom in the kitchen; the small bathroom at the back door; the bathroom in the office; the lounge closet (where our fridge is) needs some serious reorganizing; the closets in the main hallway need reorganizing; keep the main hall free of clutter; and, if you are so inclined, strip and wax the dining hall floor. 

Nave and Sanctuary Upkeep   

Many thank to Gerry who has agreed to spearhead this new ministry.  Our policy of open doors and our urban location create an environment in which dust and detritus accumulate rapidly.  “Adopt” a section of the nave, for example, the chairs on the right or the area around the ambo or the space around the font and confessionals, etc.  and commit to spend a bit of time each week (or month) after or before Mass or at some other time during the week to check the area for cobwebs, dust, litter, old leaflets, etc.  We could also use some help with more serious polishing of wood, brass, the rood screen, etc.  If you can spare even a little time once a month, we can use your hands. 

The Undercroft  contact the parish office 

Many and varied groups use the space under the nave for many and varied activities.  It would be great to have folks who are willing to take on the general straightening of this great space.  As with the nave and sanctuary you can “adopt” an area (the big space, the nursery, the library) to monitor and care for, or you can opt for a one time larger project such as sorting and re-shelving the library, or organizing the space way in the back.  Let us know how much time you have and we’ll give you something to do!    

The Mary Society  contact Barry McMurtrey  

We are so blessed to have a large space dedicated to our Lady.  In Venice there are small nooks in the alley walls, many of which are shrines to our Lady.  Local residents anonymously keep these shrines clean and freshly flowered.  You can participate in this ministry by keeping the chairs, kneelers, prayer books, and prayer cards accessible and organized; check the area around the shrine for stray flowers and such; restock the prayer cards as needed; take some time to glue the Angelus cards into the back of all the prayer books in the chapel; re- distribute the prayer books in the chapel; etc. 

The Church Building  contact Hank Powell

Are you an architect, builder, or handy-person?  Do you know a lot about old buildings and their upkeep?  Do you wish you knew more about old buildings and their upkeep?  Contact Hank to see how you can help keep this old place running.