Godly Play

Beginning September 6th, during the 11:00am Eucharist, we will be offering Godly Play for children in preschool and primary grades. 

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We have Bible Study at 10:00 on Sunday mornings, usually in the Rector's Office. In these we seek to develop fellowship, friendship, and faith through the exploration of Scripture, listening carefully to each other so that we might hear what the Bible is saying to us today.  

Sessions are led by both parishioners and clergy. 

Inquirer's Class

We will be hosting an inquirer's class for those interested in deepening their faith, or being confirmed or received into the the Episcopal Church.  The class will begin on Sunday, 8th of February.  Email Seth Reese for more information.

Daily Prayer

We believe that the regular rhythm of daily prayer is a cornerstone of Christian formation.  It inspires us to make space in our lives dedicated to listening for the Word of God in community with others.  During the week we invite you to join us for Morning Prayer at 8:00, Monday-Friday, and Evening Prayer at 5:15 on Tuesday and Thursday.  

For a full schedule of prayer at Christ Church, click here.